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Fleet Management.

Our fleet management system will combine the vehicle acquisition, repair and maintenance costs into one fixed monthly payment for the term of the contract. This will enable you to enjoy a hassle free operation. Rabeys understand that managing your own fleet, large or small can consume your time which will then affect your core business. Our van and truck fleet management services offer a flexible approach which allows us to build a solution to meet your exact requirements; this can range from a basic maintenance contract through to a comprehensive fleet management service level agreement.

We ensure that all vehicles are kept up to date in terms of servicing, licensing and documentation and that all maintenance work is planned with the availability and utilisation of your vehicles in mind, in order to improve reliability and keep your costs to a minimum. Our fleet management systems allow us to keep customers aware of the precise status of their fleets and supply historical service data, so they can plan their operations and workloads much more accurately and efficiently.

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