The Electric Revolution

The Electric Revolution

Have you considered joining the electric revolution?

Introducing the Fiat Ducato EV:  100% Ducato, 100% Electric, 100% Fit for Mission

The most complete range in the market to fit all customer missions.

Fit for mission is more than an idea, it’s the Fiat Professional philosophy. Fiat Professional has carefully developed a suitable vehicle for this new era, carrying the over forty-year tradition of Ducato’s durability and toughness while setting a new standard for electric capability.

Introducing the Maxus E-Deliver 3

Intelligence Creates Future

The Maxus e DELIVER 3 design uses aerodynamic principles to reduce wind resistance and lighten the entire vehicle. A large number of aluminum alloys and polymer composite materials are used. Strong design with emphasis on strength and payload.

Join the electric revolution!  

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