JCs Driving Academy

JCs Driving Academy

Rabeys Commercial Vehicles were more than happy to help Jac Callec with this great venture.

Jac of JC’s Driving Academy is now providing HGV Driver Tuition.  His new truck, supplied by Rabeys Commercial Vehicles, is looking fabulous after a stint in the sign workshop.

About Jacques Callec

Jac has worked with trucks and plant machinery for most of his working life, having had a passion for trucks and lorries from a young age. 

Having driven coaches for a number of years and qualified as an Instructor/Examiner in Plant Machinery Health and Safety Operation (ITSSAR), Jac’s employers approached him to train and qualify as an instructor in order to train new coach drivers for the company. 

As a result of this, Jac has now been an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) for 4 years and an Approved Motorcycle and Compulsory Basic Training Instructor for 7 years.

Jac has built on this and now has his own driving academy - JC’s Driving Academy.  Rabeys were excited to be able to supply Jac with a truck to enable him to expand the business and share his knowledge of lorries and plant machinery with an HGV tuition course.  The curriculum Jac has devised will not only cover practical skills involved in driving and manoeuvring the lorry, but also loading, weight distribution and securing, as well as expected paperwork that companies now require.

If you’re interested in HGV tuition, you can contact Jac on 07797 760205 or via Facebook at JC’s Driving Academy.

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