Vehicle Sales to Jersey Post

Vehicle Sales to Jersey Post

Jersey Post takes delivery of the first LDV EV 80 (electric van). Here is Paul Mulliner (head of Rabeys Jsy Ops) handing over to Darren Moon of Jersey Post. The EV80 is a 3.5 GVWD vehicle with a 1 tonne payload, the very first to market of this size, which is why the Jersey Post were keen to add to their fleet with given the demand on parcel deliveries.

John Waterman (Managing Director) was pleased to see this one finally delivered as LDV were experiencing issues via the UK in registering this type / model, so although overdue in its delivery, all were pleased to see finally.

After sorting the charging arrangements as the LDV is capable of both single and three phase charging, all seems to be in place and so far the news is all good on how the vehicle is performing.

Jersey Post is now looking at adding to the fleet and we are now seeing interest coming from other business sectors across both islands.

John and members of his team went to a recent LDV conference where senior members of the SAIC (Chinese parent company of LDV) gave presentation of what is to come from LDV in the coming year or so including a competitor to the Nissan NV and EV 200 but also a 5.5 GVWD vehicle (2 tonne payload) again in electric.

SAIC believe that by 2020 they will have sold 10k units of electric vehicles and by 2030; they estimate electric vehicle sales to be 10m!!